Artisan and Fabrication Lab, Purdue University

AFL Safety

In the Artisan and Fabrication Lab (AFL), Safety is truly our #1 priority. The AFL staff is determined to provide a safe, clean, and efficient lab for students to complete their project work while learning about the engineering processes involved in manufacturing.

The AFL uses an "industry" safety approach, where the safety requirements are more typical of what you would see in an industry setting. As Safety is a two-way street, you will be asked to complete a few simple but effective safety measures before you can access the AFL. Once you have gained access, you must follow the Safety Contract at all times. The AFL operates in a supervised environment at all times where you will receive training before using the equipment, but PLEASE ASK questions as you work with the equipment in the AFL. If you notice something unsafe in the AFL, please notify the AFL supervisor immediately.

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Safety Committee

Minimum Safety Requirements to Access the AFL

To access the AFL, the following Safety Items must first be completed:

  • 1. You must register and read/sign the Safety Contract.
  • 2. You must bring your own safety glasses.
  • 3. You must wear long pants and footwear that encloses the entire foot (no open-toe shoes, etc).

To use machines in the AFL (after completing the items above) you must pass a short on-line quiz for the machine you intend to use.

ARMS Emergency Procedures

ARMS Evacuation Location ARMS Shelter-In-Place Locations
Fire Alarm Shelter-In-Place
located between Civil Engineering and Nursing proceed to ARMS lower level

Emergency Preparedness

"Lessons Learned" Reporting

The College of Engineering has now implemented a “Lessons Learned” program. A “Lessons Learned” (also known as a “near-miss” in the corporate setting) is an event that may have resulted in personal injury, equipment damage, or reduction in system integrity — but DID NOT occur. If you are involved in or witness a “Lessons Learned” event, you are encouraged to anonymously submit an on-line form to report the event here. The lessons learned form is designed to help Schools and the College of Engineering prevent accidents by alerting safety committee members to potential issues.

Accidents Do Happen at Universities

Workplace Injury Information

Safety Resources