Artisan and Fabrication Lab, Purdue University

AFL Equipment and Capabilities

Lab Activity

In these fully equipped manufacturing facilities, students gain hands-on experience building the designs they create. The Fabrication Laboratory houses machining equipment, such as CNC (computer numerical control) lathes and mills and a waterjet cutting system, along with more traditional shop equipment such as welding setups, horizontal and vertical band saws, a drill press, and layout tables where students can begin assembling parts. In the Artisan Laboratory, students work with wood, plastics, and similar materials, using a CNC router, a variety of wood saws, a drill press, and large layout tables.

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Laser Cutter Details

The Laser Cutter is located in the Fabrication Lab. Please talk to Shrikant or Jeff before cutting metals on the Laser cutter.

Manufacturing Information:

Machine Specifications:

  • Table Area: (X x Y)(24" x 21")
  • Engraving Area: (X x Y)(20" x 12")

Recommended Materials:

  • Plastics: ABS, Acrylic, Delrin, High density polyethylene (melts badly), Kapton tape, Mylar, nylon, PETG, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Styrene, Two-tone acrylic
  • Foam: Depron foam, EPM, Gator foam
  • Others: Cloth, Paper, Rubbers, Woods, Anodized Metals (Non reflective surface)
  • Not Allowed: Non-anodized metals, Polycarbonates, Any material containing chlorine, PVC, Vinyl