Artisan and Fabrication Lab, Purdue University

Purdue College of Engineering

Artisan and Fabrication Lab (AFL)



Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, Room B089
701 West Stadium Avenue
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Phone: 765-496-2114


  • 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
  • Office Hours: the AFL will hold project consulting hours (staffed by TAs) every Mon-Fri from 1-5pm in the Demonstration Studio (ARMS B098). If a TA is not present, seek out a TA in the AFL.

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Accessing the AFL

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The Artisan and Fabrication Laboratory (AFL) is a lab designed to provide students in the College of Engineering with hands-on access to a state of the art manufacturing facility. Equipment available in the AFL ranges from CNC mills and lathes to wood working machinery, and includes unique capabilities such as 5-axis machining, water-jet cutting, and a 3-D gantry sheet router.

The AFL is comprised of 5 spaces in the lower level of the Armstrong Hall of Engineering. These spaces include the following facilities:
- Artisan Lab: for working with woods, plastics, etc.
- Fabrication Lab: for working with metals and fabrication
- Unclean Room: an area with a small fume hood to perform small painting/glue tasks (aerosol paint only)
- Demonstration Studio: for developing and simulating CAD/CAM programs to be used on the machines in the AFL
- Prototyping Studio: an area that houses three Rapid Prototyping machines

The AFL is sponsored by and made available to all of the Schools in the College of Engineering. The AFL is designed to be a completely student-based laboratory, which means that the lab is set up for student use while being overseen by lab employees to maintain safety. The goal of the AFL is to host both student projects and research projects. As normal business practice, AFL users will work with the AFL Supervisor to schedule time on machinery and/or use equipment. When necessary, scheduling will be based upon the following priorities: 1) undergraduate and graduate coursework and directed study projects; 2) funded graduate student research projects that are directly related to his/her thesis or dissertation; 3) funded or unfunded research or projects not directly impacting thesis or dissertation work.

A very welcoming, teaching, and coaching atmosphere has been established in the AFL which allows students to learn in a supervised, safe area. Safety is the top priority of the AFL, and several safety measures have been put in place for the machines. Use of the AFL requires the completion of a yearly safety contract and a short safety quiz.

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