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Purdue Extension Publications

List of Purdue Extension publications related to manure management

Purdue University has prepared more than 70 Extension publications related to waste management over the years. These publications can be classified into different subject areas.


Most of these publications can be downloaded from the internet as listed below.


Some of the publications are being updated.

Air Quality

Controlling ammonia gas in swine buildings. IAQ-1. February 1996. 4 p.

Controlling odors from swine buildings. PIH-33. June 1988.

Methods and practices to reduce odor from swine facilities. AQ-2. January 1999. 4 p.

Best environmental management practices - odor control options for confined feeding. ID-310, E-2828. 2002. 2 p.


Animal Feeding Operations

Gutter flushing systems for swine buildings. AE-87 / Historical Document. Paper 60. 1967. 21 p.

Suggestions for preparing a zoning ordinance to regulate and protect confinement feeding operations. AS-422. Historical Document. Paper 197. 9 p.

Manure pit ventilation in confinement livestock buildings. AE-98. April 1980.

Best environmental management practices - Inspecting your confined feeding operation. ID-303, E-2823. 2002. 2 p.

Best environmental management practices - Emergency action planning for livestock operations. ID-301, E-2820. 2002. 2 p.

Best environmental management practices - feeding strategies to lower nitrogen and phosphorus in manure. ID-304, E-2822. 2002. 2 p.

Best environmental management practices - Building good neighbor relationships. ID-305, E-2818. 2002. 2 p.

Recirculation Systems for Manure Removal. PIH 09-07-01. 2010. 7 p.

Shallow Gutter Manure Collection Systems. PIH 09-07-02. 2010. 6 p.


Bioenergy Production from Manure

Methane generation from livestock waste. AE-105. September 1980.

Basics of energy production through anaerobic digestion of livestock manure. ID-406-W. August 2008. 6 p.


Crop Fertilization

Soybean fertilization in Indiana. AY-170. 1989. 6 p.

Corn fertilization in Indiana. AY-171. August 1991. 6 p.

Wheat production and fertilization in Indiana. AY-244-W. 1992.

Fertilizing corn grown using conservation tillage. AY-268. 1996.



Livestock manure can reduce fertilizer costs. FF-2-W. January 2008. 2 p.



CAFOs and public health: pathogens and manure. ID-356. August 2007. 4 p.


Management and Treatment of Other Farm Wastes

Composting poultry carcasses. 1994.

Best environmental management practices - Disposal of farm medical wastes. ID-306, E-2829. 2002. 2 p.

Best environmental management practices - Mortality management. ID-302, E-2827. 2002. 2 p.

Chapter 8: Non-Traditional & Novel Technologies. In: Carcass Disposal: A Comprehensive Review. 2004. pp. 33.


Manure Land-Application

Land application of manure. WQ-16-W. December 1992.

Calculating manure and manure nutrient application rates. AY-277. August. 1993.

Estimating manure spreader capacity. AY-278. September. 1993.

Implementing site-specific management: liquid manure application. SSM-1-W. January 2001. 6 p.

Implementing site-specific management: map- versus sensor-based variable rate application. SSM-2-W. January 2001. 9 p. .

Implementing site-specific management: sprayer technology controlling application rate and droplet size distribution on the go. SSM-5-W. August 2001. 7 p.

Implementing site-specific management: sprayer technology - controlling application rate on-the-go. SSM-4-W. June 2001. 9 p.

Best environmental management practices - land application of manure and environmentally sensitive field characteristics. ID-308, E-2821. 2002. 2 p.

Best environmental management practices - land application records and sampling. ID-300, E-2814. 2002. 2 p.

Best environmental management practices - manure applicator calibration. ID-309, E-2825. 2002. 2 p.

Management tips for spring manure applications. AS-593-W. June 2009. 2 p.


Manure Management Planning

Poultry manure management planning. ID-206. 1994. Reviewed September 1999. 29 p.

Swine manure management planning. ID-205. 1994. June. Reviewed September 1999.

Dairy manure management planning (MMP). ID-208-W. January 1995. 35 p.


Manure Nutrient

Swine manure nutrient values. June 19, 1997.

Animal manure as a plant nutrient resource. ID-101. May 1994. Reviewed September 1999.

Total farm nutrient management -manure utilization. AI-10. February 1999. 2 p.

Best environmental management practices - manure nutrient recycling. ID-307, E-2826. 2002. 2 p.

Best environmental management practices - comprehensive nutrient management plans (CNMP). ID-311, E-2819. August 2002. 2 p.


Manure-Related Safety

Beware of on-farm manure storage hazards. S-82. October 1980.


Manure Storage

Design and operation of livestock waste lagoons. ID-120. September 1980. Reviewed September 1999.

Lagoon management. PIH-62.2000.

Manure storage systems. ID-352. August 2007. 4 p.

Closure of earthen manure structures. FF-404-W. August 2008. 4 p.

Using the web soil survey to investigate potential concentrated animal feeding operation locations. ID-367. April 2008. 3 p.


Manure Treatment

Aerobic treatment of livestock wastes. Bulletin 737. May 1970. 64 p.

Total farm nutrient management -manure treatment. AI-9. February 1999. 2 p.



2004 NPDES permit program for concentrated animal feeding operations. ID-322-W. October 2004. 7 p.


Water Quality

Runoff control systems for open livestock feedlots. ID-114-W. January 1976. 12 p.

Animal agriculture's effect on water quality: waste storage. WQ-8. July 1990.

Animal agriculture's effect on water quality: pastures and feedlots. WQ-7. July 1990.

Agriculture's effect on environmental quality: key management issues. July 1993.

Water testing laboratories. WQ-1. October 1999.

Livestock confinement assessment for water resource protection. WQ-40. 2000. 12 p.

The possibility for reducing water pollution resulting from concentrated animal feeding operations and the impact of phytase. ID-355. August 2007. 4 p.