Manure Management

Indiana Anaerobic digestion feedstock

It is estimated that Indiana produces approximately 9.51 million tons of livestock and poultry manure each year. In general, manure is excellent feedstock for anaerobic digesters. Only a small fraction of the manure is currently used to produce bioenergy using anaerobic digestion technology.

Indiana produces roughly 2.75 million tons of dairy and beef manure annually. Most of the manure digesters in Indiana currently use dairy or beef manure as feedstock.

Dairy and Beef Manure

Swine Manure

Poultry Manure

Municipal Solid Wastes and Wastewater

Indiana produces approximately 4.86 million tons of swine manure annually. Swine manure in Indiana is great potential feedstock for bioenergy production..

Indiana produces about 1.89 million tons of poultry manure in 2007. There is more poultry manure available in northern and southern Indiana. There is no manure digester in Indiana currently operates on poultry manure.

Indiana has 6.5 million populations. Large quantities of organic municipal solid wastes and wastewater are produced daily. Biogas is being recovered in several sanitary landfills and wastewater treatment plants in Indiana.