Guest Speakers

Lt. Gen. Patrick J. O'Reilly

AAESAC had the privilege of hosting Lt. Gen. O'Reilly, the director of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), who gave a talk about transformational military technology and how it relates to the MDA as well a explaining opportunities that current students have within the MDA. Lt. Gen. O'Reilly was at Purdue to view the research our advisor Dr. Dan DeLaurentis was preforming on systems as well giving the prestigious Boeing Lecture, which can be viewed here. Pictures from his presentation can be found below:

Lt. Gen. O'Reilly

Lt. Gen. O'Reilly during the Boeing Lecture

Stormy Boudreaux

Purdue AAESAC was honored to host the former SR-71 and U-2 pilot Stormy Boudreaux, who gave a talk open to the public about his experiences as a pilot. His presentation can be found here. Support for this talk was provided by the Lockheed Martin Corporation. Pictures from his presentation can be found below:

Stormy Boudreaux mid-flight

Stormy Boudreaux mid-flight in the SR-71