Department Feedback Responses

AAESAC responds to every comment form submitted to the department after meeting with representatives from the student body and the department. We discuss possible solutions to every comment and decide on the most reasonable course of action. A summary to these responses can be found below, sorted by semester.

Spring 2012

"The AAE computers in the lab are very unreliable and slow. Please work to improve them for educational purposes."

If the computer is working slowly due to a software or hardware issue, please fill out an ECN Trouble Report. The department is also investigating the feasibility of upgrading some of the older computers in the lab.

"We need more cookies!"

The AAE Colloquium Series typically have an informal cookie and coffee reception before the presentation in the elevator lobby of the 3rd floor of ARMS. Plus, there is always Insomnia if you are craving cookies late night.

"Why are lab courses so much work and time for 1 credit hour??? AAE 364 especially."

We completely agree, and are in contact with Professor Williams, the curriculum head, to see what can be done about this.