Professor Pizza

What is Professor Pizza?

Professor Pizzas are an opportunity for students and faulty to meet in an informal environment and learn about the professor over a meal of free pizza, sponsored by AAESAC. Typically, professors have talked about their current research, their education, or state of and industry or technology. If you are an interested professor, please contact us here. This semester, we are planning the following Professor Pizzas:

  • February 25: 6-7 pm, ARMS B061 - Dr. Sullivan: General question and answer
  • March 6: 6-7 pm, ARMS 1109 - Dr. Pourpoint: Propulsion systems and hypergolic propellants
  • More TBA

Previous Professor Pizzas

AAESAC have hosted numerous professors over the past few semesters. Past highlights include:

  • Dr. Bane: Education and Current Re as each
  • Dr. Lyrintzis: Graduate School
  • Dr. Collicott: AAE 418
  • Dr. Collicott: The Emerging Sub-Orbital Industry
  • Dr. Pourpoint: Development and Testing of Rocket Propellants
  • Dr. Schneider: Hypersonic Test Facilities
  • Dr. Sangid‏: Education and Current Research


Professor PizzaTypical Professor Pizza Set-Up

Dr. Lyrintzis' Professor PizzaDr. Lyrintzis discussed Graduate School