Former Members

AAESAC Graduates

After graduation, AAESAC members have gone on to hold significant roles in both the public and private sector, as well as excelling in graduate school. Former AAESAC members can be found below:

Spring 2011 Graduates

Sirisha Bandla
Alex Baucco
Matt Haas
Konrad Habina
Brendan Mueller
Jillian Roberts
Trieste Signorino
Sonia Teran
Ben Weiss

Fall 2010 Graduates

Alvin Chang (Former Treasurer, Current Industry Advisor)
Dave Cronin
Wes Graves
Phil Stout (Former Vice President, Current Industry Advisor)
Liz Woodcock (Former President)

After Graduation

After graduation, our members have gone on to hold prestigious positions within various industries. These results can be summarized in the following map:

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