Purdue Engineering

Safety at Zucrow Labs

Designated Training Individual: Scott Meyer, Managing Director
Office: High Pressure Lab - ZL3
Phone: 496-1772
E-mail: meyerse@purdue.edu


Pictured below is the basic layout of Zucrow Labs. You may touch on a named building to find the Building Emergency Plan (BEP) for that building.

Chaffee Hall ZL1 ZL2 ZL3 ZL4 ZL5 ZL7


Building Emergency Plan
Chaffee Hall ZL1 ZL2 ZL3 ZL4 ZL5


Hazard Communication Training
.pdf .ppt


Chemical Hygiene Plan and
Hazardous Materials Safety Manual
(.pdf from REM Website)
Purdue Chemical Hygiene Plan
Awareness Certification
(.pdf from REM Website)


Researchers' Guide:
Information for Principal Investigators
(REM Website)


Hazardous Material Pickup
(REM Website)
Integrated Safety Plan
Self-Audit Checklist
(.pdf from REM Website)
Hazard Assessment Certification
(MicroSoft Word Document
from REM Website)
Personal Protective Equipment
Certification of Training
(.pdf from REM Website)