Ultrasound-powered implantable light source for biomedical applications

Ultrasound powering - light source - photodynamic therapy

Once ultrasonic wave strikes the μLight, the piezoelectric receiver starts generating electrical power and turns on the on-board LEDs.
The light from LEDs will activate the pre-delivered PS and initiate the PDT.
Easy insertion via a biopsy needle.


Ultrasound-powered electrolytic pump for remote-controlled drug delivery

Ultrasound powering - micropump - electrolysis = drug delivery

Piezoelectric receiver feeds AC signal to a full-wave rectifying circuit to create a constant DC voltage for electrolysis.
The electrolytically-generated gas pressure will be accumulated for pumping the drug out.
Flow rate of 0.1 μL/s with a backpressure of 24.2 Torr.