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JOEM posts article

JOEM posts article

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JOEM, July 2017
Today the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM) posted this article by IE Professors Denny Yu and Yuehwern Yih with PhD Student Mina Ostovari (& others).

"Impact of an Onsite Clinic on Utilization of Preventive Services" appeared in JOEM's July 2017 issue (Volume 59, Issue 7, p 615–623), and was also posted to JOEM's Facebook page.

Objective: To assess impact of an onsite clinic on healthcare utilization of preventive services for employees of a public university and their dependents.

Method: Descriptive statistics, logistic regression and classification tree techniques were used to assess health claim data to identify changes in patterns of healthcare utilization and factors impacting usage of onsite clinic.

Result: Utilization of preventive services significantly increased for women and men employees by 9% and 14% one year after implementation of the onsite clinic. Hourly-paid employees, employees without diabetes, employees with spouse opt out or no coverage were more likely to go to the onsite clinic.

Conclusion: Adapted framework for assessing performance of onsite clinics based on usage of health informatics would help to identify health utilization patterns and interaction between onsite clinic and offsite health providers.