Partnerships = Relevance

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Gearbox test unit

Alongside researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Purdue conducted modal vibration testing on a 750 kW gearbox and dynamometer as part of the Gearbox Reliability Collaborative funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

These tests have revealed important insights about system interactions between the gearbox, generator, and bedplate that can lead to strongly resonant responses of the turbine as a whole.

Sandia National Laboratory

Intern on top of test tower

Jonathan White, Sandia Intern, Mechanical Engineering

In partnership with Sandia National Laboratory Wind and Water Power Technologies group, inertial sensors were installed inside the rotor blade cavity of this Smart Blade to measure the loads applied by the wind.

This data provided the insight that was needed to conduct further testing at Purdue to address real-world issues in variable winds.

Small Business

Purdue is also teaming with local small business in the development of innovative technology for the wind industry.

For example, Purdue researchers at the Zucrow Laboratory conducted performance tests on the Windstream Turbomill vertical axis wind turbine to assist Windstream in the optimization of their rotor design. Windstream is a small business located in New Albany, IN at the Purdue Research Park.

Turbomill test units

Windstream Turbomill test units