Enrollment of Women in Engineering Hits a New Purdue Record

Undergraduate students at a WIEP mentoring program event
It's official - for Fall 2012, there are more undergraduate women studying engineering at Purdue than ever before. And the incoming first year engineering class is 27% women!

Enrollment of women in engineering at Purdue continues on an upward trend.  The incoming first year engineering class is 27% women - a headcount of 477.  This is an increase from last year's record high of 27% (466).

The overall enrollment of undergraduate women in engineering is 1687, which translates to 22.2% of the total undergraduate engineering population.  This number of women is also an all time record.

The overall enrollment of graduate women in engineering is 581, which is 20% of the graduate students.

Thanks to all our supporters - corporate partners, alums, donors, faculty, staff, and students - for their help and assistance in making these enrollment records a reality!