ENGR 194: Women in Engineering Seminar

ENGR 194 is a 1 credit hour, 1 weekly meeting seminar course for anyone in engineering.  The class is only offered in the fall semester on Thursdays (10:30-11:20 am or 2:30-3:20 pm).  If you would like to network with guest speakers over lunch, talk to your academic advisor about keeping your class schedule free from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm.
Lunch with seminar speakers for approximately 8-10 students is funded by the Women in Engineering Program each week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the advantages to taking the Women in Engineering Seminar?

•  Hear experiences from working women engineers as they relay stories of their careers and personal successes, including how to balance a career and family

•  Have your decision to choose engineering or to choose a particular major in engineering reinforced by interaction with speakers and peers

•  Discover various career paths in engineering through guest speakers who address nearly all engineering disciplines

•  Learn about different opportunities and resources provided by Purdue that will assist with your transition from high school to college

•  Meet other women in First Year Engineering (FYE)

•  Experience a unique opportunity for FYE students to network with engineering professionals in a seminar class:

  • We create and maintain strong relationships with our female alumni and many serve as speakers in ENGR 194 seminar and are eager to connect with current students
  • ENGR 194 students can talk to our guest speakers after class, exchange contact information and may also go to lunch with the speaker, if your class schedule allows


How well does the course meet student expectations?


Here are some quotes from students enrolled in ENGR 194:

“My expectations were very high...and my expectations were passed.  This was my most inspiring class and I learned a broader scope of information.”

“I expected interesting presentations. The women that came in went above and beyond my expectations and helped keep me excited about engineering.”

“I was encouraged every week to keep going, which was awesome!  I enjoyed true stories of women who were once in my shoes.”

“I expected this seminar to be more just about the types of careers you could get as an engineer. I was pleasantly surprised that this was covered but also the different paths the women took to get where they are now were also covered.” 

How will my grade be decided in this course?

•  Grades in ENGR 194 are based on attendance and three short papers (e.g., impact of course on your career plans; interviews with upperclassmen in engineering)

•  View a sample syllabus

•  View a sample speaker list:  2010  (Please note that some speakers are subject to change each year)


Learn more than facts in a supportive environment
An engineering degree can ensure your future success in many ways. At Purdue University, we have a class that gets you off to a good start right away. This class will help you get answers to many questions - questions which don't get answered in calculus or chemistry or physics. This is a class where you hear it "like it is" from women who have graduated from Purdue and are working in various engineering areas. These exceptional alumni come back to talk to you because they care. By sharing their experiences with you, they can provide an additional dimension to your college education. Additionally, this course provides the support of being in a class with many other women who have the same questions that you have.

Academic Coaching is available with Dr. Jennifer Groh on Thursdays from 9-10am in ARMS 1237 (no appointment necessary). 

For additional information and/or to contact a student previously enrolled in this course, please email or call the course instructor:

Dr. Jennifer Groh
(765) 494-3889