Undergraduate Mentees & Mentors Program


Our mission is to assist female undergraduate engineering students through a dynamic and nurturing mentoring program (Mentees and Mentors or M&M). We do so by supporting, affirming, and strategically educating program participants. We help to retain students in engineering by offering monthly meetings and suggesting weekly activities, which sustain and strengthen mutual mentoring relationships and benefit the individuals as well. The objectives for the Mentor & Mentee Program are:

  • to enhance personal support of students through contacts with female role models and mentors, on a monthly and weekly basis

  • to build confidence in students through affirmation of their skills and values

  • to share effective strategies that lead to successful completion of their engineering education and prepare them for future careers as engineers.

The services and resources we provide add a unique and vital dimension for women engineering students at Purdue.

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Flowchart showing differences & similarities of "Pair" and "Group" Mentoring Programs

"Pair" Mentoring Program

"Group" Mentoring Program

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