WIEP Leadership Team Application

Innovation, Imagination, Discovery & Design (I2D2)

K-5 Outreach LT Application

The Purdue Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) is hiring a team of dynamic and dedicated female Engineering students (grad and undergraduate) who will serve as our Outreach Leadership Team for a K-5 program called "Innovation, Imagination, Discovery & Design" (I2D2). The goal is to introduce young students in our community to engineering through creative and innovative hands-on engineering activities. Developing a relationship with the local schools is one of our main priorities as we reach out to inspire these young minds to become Purdue's future engineers.

Each paid member of the team will be expected to facilitate pre-arranged activities a minimum of 6 times per semester (~2.5 hours per visit) and to attend required training sessions. This amounts to ~20 hours per semester. Applicants must be available at least TWO weekdays from 3-5:30 pm.

Volunteer positions are expected to to visit a minimum of 3 visits per semester and to attend training sessions.

Please note that interviews will be based off of the application, and some applicants may not be invited for interviews.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

I want to be a member of the K-5 Outreach Leadership Team for the "Imagination, Innovation, Discovery & Design" (I2D2) Program.