Women in Engineering:

Graduate Mentoring Program

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Program Introduction for 2014-2015

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GMP Participant Directory for 2014-2015

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To provide a supportive environment for the purpose of sharing information and strategies to enable women engineering graduate students to achieve success personally, academically, and professionally.

Program Goals


  • Provide an arena for networking among peers and professionals in all engineering disciplines.

  • Develop leadership and mentoring skills among all participants.

  • Foster confidence through encouragement and sharing of common experiences in a friendly environment.

  • Offer innovative and dynamic programming with useful information for success in graduate school

How We Work

  • We facilitate both "network mentoring" and small group or "paired mentoring"
  • Network mentoring is done through our monthly meetings while paired mentoring is facilitated through the small groups and other GMP activities
  • We believe it is important to have multiple avenues for mentoring within our program:

“Having multiple mentors increases the network of people that a mentee can get advice and socialization from, as well as increases the instrumental opportunities available (Baugh & Scandura 1999, Higgins 2000). With network mentoring, a person has more than one person who can serve as a mentor for them. Network mentoring is not hierarchical. Anyone in the network can serve as a mentor for someone else, and at the same time get assistance from a different mentor (Haring 1999).”

Taken from: Blaser, B., Litzler, E., Wheeless, A. (2007). Enhanced Connections: Making Changes to Mentoring Programs for Science and Engineering Graduate Students. Proceedings from Women in Engineering Program Advocates Network Annual Meeting. Lake Buena Vista, FL. PDF available on Resources Tab

What We Do

  • We organize monthly meetings as well as provide resources open to all through our weekly newsletter and website
  • We coordinate and facilitate a variety of programs in collaboration with engineering departmental volunteers and WIEP undergraduate programs


Annual reports for the GMP program are available upon request. Please contact puwie@ecn.purdue.edu for more information.

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