Why we do what we do: Literature on women in STEM fields

This page is here to provide context to our program and to remind all of us to continue breaking barriers. We are always looking for new resources to share with program participants and others that may be interested so if you have suggestions for us, please email wiepmm[at]purdue.edu

The Imposter Syndrome

Advice from the Top

NPR Why women quit

TED Talk Why we have too few women leaders

How we do it: Literature on mentoring

WEPAN 2007 Graduate Mentoring

GPS Groups

Improving the Grad Experience

Dr. Christine Jackson's Mentoring Slides (August 2013 meeting)

Dr. Christine Jackson's BONUS Mentoring Materials (August 2013 meeting)

More information on our 2013-2014 GMP Program

Beginning-of-Year Announcements for GMP

Fun stuff: Documents and resources about Purdue and West Lafayette

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Resources from past meetings: Resources provided or cited by past speakers

Tips for Effective Negotiating: Williams and Valian, 2003 CUNY

The Job Offer: Topics worth negotiating (List from UVA)

Negotiation resources from the ADVANCE portal (Lots of good sites)


Interesting reads: Random, but interesting

"The importance of stupidity in scientific research" (PDF file)