M&M Small Groups Opportunity 

Small Groups is a benefit offered only to members of the M&M Group program and is an idea that started from active M&M Group participants.  Small Groups were added to the M&M Group Program to provide an opportunity for participants to interact with a smaller group of fellow female engineers outside of the M&M Group monthly meetings (where attendance can be as many as 100 women).  These intact groups (i.e., you meet regularly with the same small group of women, depending on how often the group decides it wants to meet) encourage networking in a smaller setting and formation of new and long-lasting mentoring relationships - where you can give/receive help and guidance on a variety of topics related to college life.  Plus, when you come to the large monthly M&M Group meetings, you will already know some people - your fellow Small Group members!  The Small Groups can be really creative and do anything from having study tables or having movie nights to coming up with group names and t-shirts.  It ultimately depends on what you want from it.

If you want to join a Small Group, be sure to check the box related to Small Groups on the M&M Group application.  A callout for formation of Small Groups will take place after school starts in late August.  In August, we will send more information to those who check this box using the email(s) you provide on your application. 

This Small Group is not mandatory to join - it is simply a way to branch out from the large group and meet more people! 

As you consider whether or not you'd like to join a Small Group, please consider if you will have time in addition to the M&M Group program attendance requirements (2 monthly meetings and 1 social event per semester) to commit to meeting with a Small Group.  If you aren't certain now about the amount of time you will have to commit to a Small Group, you will have an opportunity to come to the Small Group callout in late August and decide then (even if you don't check the Small Group box on the M&M Group application). 
The founders of the Small Groups - Courtney Tyler and Rachel Winger (pictured below with photo frames made at a M&M social).
The M&M Group Program is a part of
the Women in Engineering Program (WIEP),
a department in the College of Engineering.