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Veterinary Medicine

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Medical Discovery Resource Unit (MDRU)

The MDRU is a cluster of core laboratories in the School of Veterinary Medicine to support biomedical research. The laboratories are the Purdue Histology and Phenotyping Laboratory, the Clinical Trials Group, and the Clinical Discovery Laboratory. The mission of the MDRU is to support campus-wide interdisciplinary research by providing the professional expertise and facilities needed to support preclinical and translational biomedical investigation. It provides collaborative support for investigators in various academic departments on campus, in Discovery Park, and in the local private-sector. It provides opportunities for hands-on learning and training of graduate, undergraduate and professional students with an interest in comparative biomedical research. The MDRU component laboratories are all core facilities for the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI).

Lyn Hall; VPRB, VAHF Breur Moore Snyder Turek X X
Superresolution Imaging Lab

This facility in the Purdue Veterinary Medicine provides a high end confocal imaging system for versatile cell, whole mounted- tissue and animal microscope imaging. It provides 1) regular 5 color confocal imaging; 2) 4 channel multi-photon imaging; 3) forward and backward second harmonic generation; 4) 70 nM STED superresolution imaging; 5) Regular and resonnant scanners; 6) environmental control for temperature and gas controls; 7) anesthetic machine; 8) Imaris 3D-4D image analysis software

VPTH Chang H Kim Shankar Thangamani X X