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Name / Description Location Contacts Recharge Accessible to Non-Purdue Users
Amy Instrumentation Facility

The Jonathan Amy Facility for Chemical Instrumentation (JAFCI) is dedicated to the fusion of engineering expertise with the quest for scientific knowledge to further research and instructional efforts in the Department of Chemistry and School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. Our team of scientists and engineers provide assistance in the design / construction of specialized instrumentation not commercially available along with repair / modification of commercial systems.

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BRWN Dr. Mike Everly
Chemistry Precision Machine Shop

The precision machine shop in the Department of Chemistry provides consultation, design, and fabrication of customized parts for all scientific applications. Parts can be fabricated from a wide range of materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, ceramics, and plastics. Capabilities include CAD/CAM design, precision machining (conventional and CNC), and welding. Vacuum chambers and high vacuum components are a specialty.

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WTHR Dr. Mike Everly X X
Chemistry Scientific Glass Shop

The Glass Shop is currently part time and services the entire campus for scientific glass blowing service.

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WTHR Dr. Mike Everly X X
LSM 710 Confocal Microscope

Inverted Zeiss LSM 710 confocal laser scanning microscope with and environmental chamber appropriate for live cell imaging. Advanced methods available include spectral unmixing, time lapse, multi-target imaging, FRET, FRAP, photoactivation, and ratiometric imaging of ion indicator dyes.

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Lilly Don Ready X
Lilly Animal Care Facility

Users are BME, SLHS, Vet School, Endocyte, along with Biological Sciences.

LILY-LSA Cindy Sanow X X
Macromolecular Crystallography

Macromolecular crystallography laboratory; crystallization and X-ray Diffraction. A core facility of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research.

HOCK Dr. Calvin Steussy Mr. Tim Schmidt X X

The Purdue Rare Isotope Measurement Laboratory (PRIME Lab) is a dedicated research and service facility for accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS). AMS is an ultra-sensitive analytical technique for measuring low levels of long-lived radionuclides and rare trace elements. The accelerator is used to measure both man-made and cosmic-ray-produced radionuclides such as 10Be (half-life 1,600,000 years), 14C (5730 years), and 36Cl (300,000 years) in natural samples having isotopic abundances down to one part in 1x1015 (a thousand million million).

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PHYS Marc Caffee X X
Purdue Cryo-EM Facility

The Cryo-EM Facility operates several high field transmission electron microscopes equipped for cryo-microscopy of biological assemblies.

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HOCK Valorie Bowman Wen Jiang X X
Purdue Stable Isotope Facility

PSI houses three gas Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers (IRMS), each accompanied by peripheral devices for conversion of various compounds into analyzable gases.

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CIVL David Gamblin X X
Research Instrumentation Center

The Research Instrumentation Center is a core facility in the Department of Chemistry that manages the shared departmental instrumentation.

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BRWN Dr. Pat Bishop X X
Ross Biological Reserve

67 acres of forest managed mainly as a natural area for ecological research with modest indoor facilities.

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Off-campus Prof. Kerry Rabenold
Statistical Consulting Service

Provides consulting services addressing ?statistical software, experimental, design, and data analysis.

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MATH Prof. Bruce A. Craig
Transgenic Mouse Core Facility

The Transgenic Mouse Core Facility (TMCF) offers a variety of services to the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research community, including (1) Generation of Transgenic Mice, (2) Gene Targeting of ES Cells, (3) Blastocyst Injection of ES Cells for the Generation of Knock-Out Mice, (4) Strain Rederivation, (5) In Vitro Fertilization, (6) Embryo Cryopreservation, (7) Chromosome Counting, (8) Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast (MEF) Cell Line Production, (9) Speed Expansion, (10) Sperm Cryopreservation, (11) Genotyping, (12) Mouse Production Colony, (13) Mouse Dedicated Supply – Colony Set Up, (14) Rat Transgenic/KO Production.

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Bindley Bioscience Center Judy Hallett Scientific Director: Prof. Steve Konieczny X X
X-ray Crystallography

The X-ray Crystallography Facility provides both single crystal and powder/multicrystalline X-ray diffraction services for researchers at Purdue as well as off-site users and commercial customers. The facility offers full data collection and structure analysis services, and trains users to independently determine structures. The recently renovated lab features three instruments: - Panalytical Empyrean Powder X-ray Diffractometer. Equipped with both parallel beam and focusing optics, high speed PIXcel 3D Medipix detector and high temperature stage for analysis of powders, multicrystalline materials and thin films. - Two Bruker D8 Quest Single Crystal Diffractometers equipped with large Photon detectors and variable temperature devices. The Mo-wavelength instrument is ideal for fast, high throughput data collection of well to weakly diffracting samples, and for heavily absorbing samples The Cu-wavelength microsource instrument is ideal for very weakly diffracting and small crystals and absolute structure determination.

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WTHR Matthias Zeller X X