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Purdue Research Repository (PURR)

PURR utilizes HUBzero™, a software platform designed for scientific collaboration and sharing of research data on the web. Any Purdue graduate student, faculty, or staff can create a project in PURR and receive a default allocation of storage. PURR provides capabilities currently required by the NSF for digital data management such as workflows and tools for collaborating on data-driven research, publishing and archiving data, and ensuring data security, fidelity, backup, and mirroring. Purdue librarians consult with investigators to facilitate selection and ingestion of data with appropriate descriptive metadata and data standards and provide long-term digital preservation and stewardship. PURR comes with a set of default policies and functionality that addresses privacy and confidentiality, intellectual property, and access and use of research data. Datasets published using PURR are assigned Digital Objects Identifiers (DOIs) and exposed to the web using open standards to maximize their discoverability and scholarly reuse.

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Libaries, HUBzero Michael Witt
No, but fees may apply depending on size of data requirements
Yes, only if Purdue faculty/staff originate project