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Health and Human Sciences

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Name / Description Location Contacts Recharge Accessible to Non-Purdue Users
A.H. Ismail Center - lower level of Lambert

The fitness center has 25 aerobic exercise machines, 23 selectorize machines, cable station, dumbbells, and balance equipment for researchers to train and test subjects. Also available: Fitness Assessment Lab and Consultation Room. Trained and certified Ismail Center staff can assist researchers.

Lambert Gymnasium - lower level Lane M. Yahiro X X
Center for Nursing Education and Simulation

The simulation lab has seven high-fidelity patient simulators, including a newborn, 6 month old baby, 7 year old child, a birthing mother, and three adult models. These computerized, interactive manikins can be programmed to provide realistic patient responses to care. They breathe, vocalize, having changing vital signs and pulses, and have realistic heart, lung, and bowel sounds.

Johnson Hall of Nursing, Room 108 Pam Aaltonen Susan Fisher X
Mineral Analysis Laboratory

Mineral analysis by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy -- must dissolve in acid solution;.can measure multiple elements in a single run. Mineral analysis by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy -- must be able to dissolve product in acid solution; single elements only.

Stone Hall, Room G22 Berdine Martin PhD X X
Purdue Bone/Body Composition Imaging Core -- Animal DXA

Animal Scans available: medium animal whole body, extremity, lumbar spine. Limited success with smaller rats due to size. We have done Sheep, Dogs, and Rats.

LSA, Room B19-B Douglas Maish EMT-P X X
Purdue Bone/Body Composition Imaging Core -- DXA & pQCT

1) DXA - Areal Bone Density & Body Composition via Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. Human Scans available: Whole Body, Lumbar Spine, Femural Neck, forearm. 2) pQCT - Volumetric Bone Density & geometry of human forearm & lower leg.

Smith Hall, Room 160 Douglas Maish EMT-P X X
Purdue Bone/Body Composition Imaging Core -- Micro CT

3) Micro CT - Density, geometry & 3D imaging of excised bone, or other objects including engineering samples.

Stone Hall, Room G50-A Douglas Maish EMT-P X