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ECE 438 Animated Lecture Supplements

The following tutorials are designed to supplement a few of the topics presented in lecture. Most of the tutorials require some familiarity with the material.

All of the material below requires the Flash 4 plug-in, which is available for free from Macromedia.

Here's a Brief introduction to using the modules.


Continuous-time Convolution : Explains the convolution integral through an example.

Sampling : A look at non-ideal sampling in the time and frequency domains.

Discrete-time Convolution : Illustrates the connection between Discrete-time convolution and LTI systems.

FIR and IIR Filters : Describes basic implementation.

Fast Fourier Transform : Review of the decimation in time radix-2 FFT algorithm.

Pole-Zero Plots and Frequency Response : Shows how to compute |H(w)| and <H(w) from a pole-zero plot

Spectrograms : Describes how spectrograms are constructed.

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