Human Automation Interaction

Students will perform various forms of data mining and bibliometric analysis.



Team’s main activities: First decide on a focus area for systematic literature review following inspiration provided by current literature in human-automation interaction.  Students will perform various forms of data mining. The analysis will begin with bibliometric analysis. Students will also perform various forms of content analysis and then write a systematic literature review using newly determined categorizations and reviewing related articles. Content analysis tools include Harzing, VOS Viewer, BibExcel, CitNetExplorer. After following steps in writing, submit for publication. Various Successful examples and feedback will be made available to students at each step in the process. Students who continue in subsequent semesters in VIP will emphasize proposal writing and implementation in industry in team next steps.


Meeting Time:

Fall 2020: Thur 1:30 pm - 2:20 pm  (online)