Is the Exchange going away?

News Date: 2013/09/06 00:00:00 GMT-4

40 years and counting....?

In 1973-4 Barbara Pinzelik started the Print & Poster Lending Collection. The program has flourished to where our campus walls are now wearing 2567 pictures from the collection. With the retirement of Marian Delp, the current Collection Coordinator, the Visual Arts Committee had decided to "suspend" the program (lack of manpower for such a large operation).

Now before you groan too loudly, another campus group is considering adopting this popular program. However, officially as of today, the Fall 2013 Poster Exchange will happen while next year's Exchange is very "iffy-maybe". Pictures hanging in offices that are not traded will remain on campus walls until the program resumes.

-- GOOD news -- BAD news

The 2013 Print & Poster Exchange will be held on October 7 & 8 in the main gallery in PAO Hall. We will be adding over 100 new pictures. Please, do share information about the exchange with coworkers, this may be their last chance to participate.

Two thoughts to consider, if you don't get the Exchange this year, that wall you wanted to add a picture to may be bare for a long time or on the flip side that picture you have grown tired of looking at may be there for an extended period if you don't trade this year.

THE EXCHANGE: October 7th and 8th

Each Fall Break framed pictures are made available to hang on campus....FREE!!! Visit any campus building and you will see a wide variety of art: wildlife (bears, ducks, fish...not Purdue students), abstracts, historic prints, trains, planes, Olympic posters....all types.

Change or add artwork to your work space and see an immediate improvement over empty walls. Mark you calendar TODAY. You may be surprised at the conversations your art selection invokes from visitors and coworkers.

    Pao Hall for Visual & Performing Arts
    - PAO 1154

  • DATES:
      • Monday, October 7 10:00 - noon
      • for those who currently donate (Payroll Deduction) or wish to contribute to the annual exchange - donate of $5 (or more) at checkout
      • PERK: getting "first chance" to select from the newest additions to the Lending Collection and trading current holdings, PLUS donors get to select two additional pictures
      • Monday, October 7 12:30 - 2:30
      • Tuesday, October 8 10:00 - noon
      • for those trading currently held prints; trades are made on a one-for-one basis
      • Tuesday, October 8 12:30 - 2:00
      • for those wishing to begin participating in the exchange or those who want to add to their number of prints
      • LIMIT: as many pictures as your office area needs may be checked out at this time
      • Wednesday, October 9, 11:00 - noon
      • for those missed the regular Exchange
      • some great last minute trades can be found

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