Anemotive Kinetic 11/02

Installation: November 14, 2002
Location: Pickett Park

Artist: Robert Mangold

Anemotive Kinetic 11/02

Mangold as he works to prepare his sculpture for installation

Mangold as he lectures a few curious art students

Comments From the Artist's Studio:

Robert Mangold:
Anemotive Kinetic 11/02 has 18 different shades of colors. Normally Mangold takes colors from flowers but in this piece he decided to go with bright colors in a spherical shape instead of worrying if the colors could actually be found in nature.

When painting pieces like this, he makes helixes with the colors, as is his typical style.

"I started having an interest in spheres about 8 years ago, but this (his artwork) has been going on for 44 years and I'm not done yet!"

His advice to the art students at Purdue would be,"if you don't want to work your butt off, then find a different profession... You have to be dedicated and find other types of work to support yourself, but don't let that work stop you from making your art."

Peggy Mangold (artist's wife):
Robert worked for two and a half months on this project. He did everything himself except for the bearings that make the top turn. He hand painted the stainless steel using 18 different shades of colors. Her advice for the art students at Purdue would be, "keep working hard and it will happen if you are passionate with your work... You will get rejection but you need to keep on going and working hard."

Pickett Park Installation

While Anemotive Kinetic 11/02 was being installed in Pickett Park by the Purdue Physical Plant, a group of people, including Mrs. Martin Jischke, watched as the crane stacked pieces one by one until the sculpture was complete.

Comments from spectators when asked for their reaction to the sculpture and how they thought others would respond to it.

Mrs. Jischke:
"Oh, they'll love it! I think it is going to be marvelous. It will attract people to the area. It has such a high level of energy in it." Purdue's First Lady commented that this new sculpture is in a perfect location and mentioned that there has been discussion about putting benches around the base. She says it seems so energetic and joyful against the grey sky, describing it as "hopeful."
Dena Kroos:
"I think the idea of having a sculpture park is really great!"
Anindita Dutta:
"I think it is fascinating."
Paula Poortinga:
"I think that what is even more fascinating is the concept he has behind his work."