Kaikoo VI

Artist: Betty Gold

Life Dates: b.1935
Birthplace: Austin, Texas
Gender: Female
Classification: Sculptor
Undergraduate Degree: University of Texas
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Art History
Other Interests: Painting, drawing, silk screen, tapestry, jewelry design & photography

Installation: 1987

~Sculpture made with painted, cold-rolled steel

"I have been a professional sculptor for more than 24 years and have worked in diverse media to create pieces that reflect my artistic focus on intensifying opposites. I've always been interested in opposite ends of the spectrum, such as the contrast of my rugged, oversized sandblasted outdoor steel sculptures with my indoor, delicate, gold-leaf icon visuals. Although my creative efforts include painting, drawing, silk screening, tapestry, jewelry design and photography, sculpture remains my primary interest. I express myself artistically both in an abstract figurative style and in non-geometric patterns.

"All of my outdoor pieces are constructed from welded steel and are either painted with a glossy enamel or left in their raw steel state to rust to a velvety patina.

"The influence of the Mediterranean countries is profoundly revealed in my new series of architectural paintings and sculpture."

~Betty Gold