2004 Poster and Print Exchange

Posters of the Past

Almost thirty years ago, Barbara Pinzelik, a professor from the HSSE Library who has always been very involved with the Visual Art Committee on campus, aquired a grant of $3000 to bring artistic posters to the staff and students of Purdue University for education as well as enjoyment. While the idea was in its infancy, she sought poster donations from different places around the world. The first major donation came from an Eastern European Ministry of Culture; these few dozen posters, all reflecting a circus theme, stand as a testiment of history in art, as examples of communist propaganda art, known as "Cyrk."

Ever since that initial find, donors have made it possible for the poster collection to grow; while the Visual Arts Committe contributes generously to this effort, about 66% of the funds come from private donars. Between seventy and one hundred new posters are added to the collection each year from all over the world, all genres, themes, and interests. When one enters the poster exchange, which takes place once a year in the new Visual and Performing Arts Building (formerly in the Creative Arts Complex, Beelike Gallery), the variety of available art is nearly overwhelming. Everything from album covers to famous art, scenic shots to impressionist works, cubic forms to cartoonist renditions is available. Nearly any style imagineable is represented; whether you want to brighten a room with bold colors or create a calm, subdued effect; there is something for any mood or personality type.

The Poster and Print Exchange is held annually in October.