Roscoe Wilson

Nature Spirit
Art In The Classroom Installation 1999-2000
Materials and Electrical Engineering, Room 140

Artist's Statement

Thesis Work for Purdue Degree - December 1999

Nature is my spirit. To nurture is my religion. I discovered this in the innocence of my childhood and now, through the practice of art, I am beginning to more fully comprehend my sense of the spiritual.

One symbol in particular, the interconnected spiral, is a strong recurring motif in my work. This form represents the connection between the spirit world and the natural world. It is a self-contained, never ending path or life cycle. Within this connection there is a transition from temporal to eternal, from earth to spirit; a seed grows and reaches for the sky, a tadpole becomes terrestrial. Every living being has a fragile, innocent beginning, an origin. The potential for growth and metamorphosis from this point of origin is what intrigues me. The beginning of life with all of its rejuvenating changes is where I connect nature, myself, and art.