Main Investigator:
Joel Conte

Graduate Student :
Alberto Salamanca

Undergraduate Student :
Carol Choi
Jack Rosenfeld


The effect of lateral-torsional coupling in building structures due to non-coincident centers of mass and of rigidity will be demonstrated through a small scale one-storey, one bay by one bay building model. The building model will be carefully designed in order to enhance the effects of lateral-torsional coupling on the building mode shapes and its seismic response. The model will allow an adjustable level of mass eccentricity. A mathematical model of the physical model will also be developed for the purpose of analytical-experimental correlation studies. A video of a set of experiments based on the building model developed will also be prepared for distribution. This experiment will be designed for engineering students and will be used to complement the teaching of both undergraduate and graduate analytical courses in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering.


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student manual.pdf 741 The document is the student manual.
teacher manual.pdf 895 This document is the professor's manual
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