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A Novel Friction Factor Model for Wire-Wrapped Rod Bundles

Evaluation of Computational Fluid Dynamic Models for Bubbly Two-Phase Flows in Inclined Upward Orientations

Evaluation of Pressure Drop Models for 7-Pin Wire-wrapped Rod Bundles

Flow Regime Identification for Inclined Two-phase Flows using Machine Learning

A New Concept for Irradiation Experiments in Fast-Reactor Environment: CFD Simulation of the LBE Loop in HYST

Frequency of Plug/Slug Bubbles in Horizontal Air-Water Two-Phase Flow

CFD Simulation of the LBE Loop in the Hybrid Fast and Thermal Subcritical Testbed

CFD Simulations of the Sodium Cartridge Loop of the Versatile Test Reactor

Scaling Analysis of the SFR Cartridge Loop

Relative Motion between Phases in Horizontal Gas Dispersed Flow