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Joshua Fitch

Graduate Research Assistant
Aeronautics And Astronautics
West Lafayette
Office:  ARMS 3175
Josh is completing his masters thesis on the technologies, economics, and policy of Active Debris Removal for both LEO and GEO orbital debris. He has interned at NASA and Sierra Space and is currently a Space Operations Associate Engineer at SpaceX working on Dragon and HLS flight operations. His skills are in orbital mechanics and space mission design, systems engineering, flight operations, software development, and human factors. Josh intends to focus his career on contributing to reusable space transportation, earth science and climate science satellite missions, deep space interplanetary missions, and human space exploration architectures. Research Interests: Astrodynamics, In-Space Servicing Assembly & Manufacturing, Active Debris Removal, Reusable Space Transportation, Space Situational Awareness, Flight Operations, Deep Space Exploration, Human Space Systems