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Rodrigo Schmitt

Graduate Research Assistant
Purdue Research Foundation
West Lafayette
Office:  ARMS 3175
Rodrigo Schmitt received a BSc in Astronomy and a second BSc in Physics, followed by a M.Sc. in Space Engineering focused in Space Mechanics & Controls. Rodrigo also specialized in AI and deep learning by working as a programming teacher and data scientist, co-founded one of the most reliable open-source rocket trajectory simulators, called RocketPy, and founded the first organization at Purdue dedicated to promoting human space exploration, SEARCH, which facilitates the Purdue participation at the Mars Desert Research Station and programs for future student-astronauts. In his PhD, Rodrigo is applying his expertise in AI to space-related topics, with focus on the coming of age of cislunar space exploration, space tourism and In-Situ Resource Utilization. In his free time, he enjoys outdoors activities such as hiking, backpacking and rock climbing, as well as instrumental music and philosophical books. Research interests: Space Mission; Deep Learning; AI; Space Tourism; In-Situ Resource Utilization; Optimization.