Inventorying Potential Contaminant Sources

An important part of wellhead protection planning is determining the potential sources of contamination in the delineated wellhead protection area. The wellhead protection planning team determines both past and present potential sources of contamination by searching data bases and by visiting the area to look for potential problems. By knowing what the potential contaminants are, the team can choose appropriate management techniques.  The Purdue Extension publication Inventorying Potential Sources of Drinking Water Contamination describes how the wellhead protection planning team can go about  locating all the regulated and non-regulated potential contaminant sources in the wellhead protection area.

Some Consultants will assist in the database search and in the site visit. If you are interested in getting assistance, you might visit the Consultant's link from the wellhead home page. 

For more information contact Jane Frankenberger (
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or call the Purdue Extension Safe Water office at 765-496-6331

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