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Drinking Water

National Rural Water Association Page
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Water Data

USGS Stream Discharge Data  Historical discharge information for all Indiana Gaging Stations is available here. You may locate station(s) of interest using a map of Indiana or by county, basin, or station number
USGS Water-Use Information Want to know how water is used in your county? USGS has developed a large database of water used for domestic purposes, industry, irrigation, etc. Water is broken down by ground water or surface water
Selected data from the White River Basin study available for downloading
White River Basin Study


Indiana G.I.S.
CAAGIS Digital Data Library
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USGS Mapping Information: Home Page
National Wetlands Inventory The National Wetlands Inventory project was established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to generate information about the characteristics, extent and status of the Nation's wetlands and deepwater habitats. Information on wetlands, plus wetlands maps at the scale of 1:24,000 are available for download at this site.
U.S. Census Bureau TIGER data

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Water Quality

Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico


NEMO - Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials - Homepage!
Bell LIVE: The Watershed Game
Center for Watershed Protection Home Page
Surf Your Watershed - Indiana
Wildcat Creek Watershed Educational Page

Water Quality Agencies and Organizations

Indiana Agencies

Indiana Department of Natural Resources protects, enhances, preserves, and promotes wise use of natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the benefit of Indiana's citizens.
  • The Division of Water  maintains, regulates, collects data, and evaluates Indiana's surface and ground water resources.
  • The Division of Soil Conservation runs programs on Lake and River Enhancement, Lakeshore Protection in Indiana, Urban Conservation Program, Wetland Conservation Guidelines, as well as links to Indiana's Soil and Water Conservation Districts.
  • IDEM - Office of Water Management regulates Indiana's water to ensure that the quality is safe for citizens. At this site you can
    Indiana G.I.S is a website developed by the Indiana GIS Initiative. The Initiative is an effort of state agencies, federal agencies, county and local agencies, universities and private entities to coordinate GIS efforts in Indiana. The site gives GIS background information, GIS contacts in Indiana, and provides links to useful GIS-related sites.
    Indiana Association of Cities & Towns

    U.S. Agencies

    USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service - Indiana
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
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