Drainage and Wet Soil Management

Purdue University Agronomist Don Franzmeier, together with W. Hosteter and R. Roeske from the Natural Resources Conservation Service,  have developed new recommendations for drainage depth and spacing in each soil type in Indiana based on years of experience and knowledge of soil properties (AY-300, Drainage Recommendations for Indiana Soils). This bulletin gives drainage recommendations for specific soils in Indiana. Part I explains the nature of soil drainage associations and the variables of drainage systems. Part II describes 21 soil drainage associations, illustrates each association with a soil map and a diagram, and gives drainage recommendations for each one. Part III lists 596 soil series mapped in Indiana and lists the natural drainage class and soil drainage association for each.


AY-300, Drainage Recommendations for Indiana Soils (pdf format, 4 MB)
By D.P Franzmeier, W.D. Hosteter, and R.E. Roeske

This bulletin gives drainage recommendations for specific soils in Indiana. (32 pages)



Professor Franzmeier, together with E. Kladivko and B. Jenkinson, developed a related publication explaining the basic characteristics of wet soils, how they function in their natural state, and how they might react to drainage for agricultural production (AY-301, Wet Soils of Indiana).

AY-301, Wet Soils of Indiana (pdf format, 5.6 MB)
By D.P. Franzmeier, E.J. Kladivko, and B.J. Jenkinson


These publications are available in pdf format below, or are available at the Media Distribution Center for $5 each. Be aware that these pdf files are very large, and therefore may be difficult to download on a slower connection.