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Our Team

Principal Investigator

Allison Godwin
PI, Associate Professor of Engineering Education and Chemical Engineering


Heather Perkins
Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Graduate Students

Araoluwa Adaramola
Graduate Research Assistant
Brianna Benedict
Eng Education Ug Ra - Non Pu Student S
Ronnie Clements
Graduate Research Assistant
Kevin Kaufman-Ortiz
Graduate Research Assist
Justin Major
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Héctor Rodríguez-Simmonds
Graduate Research Assistant
Jacki Rohde
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

Undergraduate Students

A. Lili Castillo
Undergraduate Research Assistant


Rachel Baker
Consulting Analyst at Accenture
Paige Brown
Electrical Engineer & DEI Leader at U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Monique Ross
Assistant Professor (FIU)
Matthew Scheidt
Supervisory Survey Statistician at Marine Corps Headquarters
Samuel Tarasewicz
Research Associate at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Dina Verdín
Assistant Professor (ASU)