STABL is a computer program for the general solution of slope stability problems by two-dimensional limiting equilibrium methods. It allows also the analysis of reinforced soil slopes with geosynthetics, nailing, and tiebacks using the Bishop, Spencer and Janbu methods.

STABL features unique random techniques for generation of potential failure surfaces for subsequent determination of the more critical surfaces and their corresponding factors of safety. One technique generates circular; another, surfaces of sliding block character; and a third, more general irregular surfaces of random shape. Specific trial failure surface can also be specified by the user.

We continue to provide technical support for users of STABL in any of its versions.

For more information on PCSTABL, please write to or call:

Prof. Rodrigo Salgado
School of Civil Engineering
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1284
Tel (765)491-7858 or 464-0926


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