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Welcome to the website of the Purdue Chapter of Sigma Gamma Tau. Sigma Gamma Tau is the National Honor Society In Aerospace Engineering.


What is ΣΓΤ

Sigma Gamma Tau is the honor society for Aerospace Engineering. It seeks to identify and recognize achievement and excellence in the Aerospace field. Sigma Gamma Tau’s collegiate chapters elect annually to membership those students, alumni, and professionals who by conscientious attention to their studies or professional duties uphold this high standard for the betterment of their profession.



The objectives of Sigma Gamma Tau, as stated in the preamble of the Society’s national constitution, are: "to recognize and honor those individuals in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics who have, through scholarship, integrity, and outstanding achievement, been a credit to their profession. The society seeks to foster a high standard of ethics and professional practice and to create a spirit of loyalty and fellowship, particularly among students of Aerospace Engineering.”



Sigma Gamma Tau was founded on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, on February 28, 1953, “to offer appropriate recognition to persons of superior scholarship, outstanding character, and professional achievement in the field of Aeronautical Engineering.” The new society was formed by the merger of two existing societies, Tau Omega, founded in 1927 at the University of Oklahoma, and Gamma Alpha Rho, founded in 1945 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

The name of the society was selected by combining the Greek letter Sigma, indicating sum, with Gamma and Tau from the initial letters of the parent organizations. Since its modest beginnings in 1953, the society has grown from 14 to 50 collegiate chapters, and from 1,900 to over 23,000 initiated members.



From all of us in ΣΓΤ, we wish you the best of luck for the Spring 2024 semester!

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SGT Spring 2024 Executive Board Members



Upcoming Events

AMM3 is coming up on Wednesday April 3rd at 7:10pm in Krannert G012! See you there.

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Spring 2024 Officers

Zosia Stawiarska



Will Rademacher

Vice President


Jacob Hannon



Peter (PJ) Novak



No Picture

Aidan Maddox

Social Chair


No Picture

Madeleine Yee

Social Chair


No Picture

Adam Wilczewski

Community Outreach Chair


No Picture

Jessica Brittain

Community Outreach Chair


No Picture

Ethan L-Campbell

Fundraising Co-Chair


No Picture

Alina Stuleanu

Fundraising Co-Chair


No Picture

Cate Hummell

Industrial Relations Co-Chair


No Picture

Jonah Skarda

Industrial Relations Co-Chair


No Picture

Dashiell Silberg



Dengfeng Sun

Faculty Advisor


Upcoming and Recent Graduates - Congratulations!

Nathan Yakupkovic - Dec 23'

I’m from Pittsburgh PA, and I’m specializing in ASA. Most of my time in college was spent doing work, and my free time was mostly with SGT or people I got to know from SGT. After fall graduation, I’m returning via the 4+1 to graduate in the spring. Once I have a masters, I’m planning on working in industry, and I may return to get a PhD and possibly teach. Special thanks to our president, Zosia Stawiarska and our outreach chair, Aditya Desai for being great friends. Thanks to my parents for supporting me, and all my friends back home, especially my girlfriend.

Alex Hanna - Dec 23'

My name is Alex Hanna, and I'm graduating in December 2023 with a Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. I pledged Sigma Gamma Tau in Fall 2021 and served as a fundraising committee chair for the following two semesters. My favorite part about SGT is the opportunity to meet classmates, especially ones who you might not normally have classes with. As a younger member, SGT is great for meeting older mentors. As an older member, SGT is great for passing on information to younger members. I interned for Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix the past two summers. After graduation, I will be staying at Purdue to complete a Masters Degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics as part of the BSAAE/MSAA program.


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