SCI: Publications




Journal Articles

Allen, K., T. Reed-Rhoads, R.A. Terry, T.J. Murphy, A.D. Stone. 2007. Coefficient Alpha: An Engineer's Interpretation of Test Reliability. Journal of Engineering Education. Final revisions pending.

Allen, K., A. Stone, T. Reed-Rhoads, T.J. Murphy. 2007. Concept Inventories: Literature Review of an Assessment Methodology for Engineering and Beyond. Not yet submitted.


Allen, K. 2006. The Statistics Concept Inventory: Development and Analysis of a Cognitive Assessment Instrument in Statistics. School of Industrial Engineering, University of Oklahoma. Committee: Teri Reed Rhoads (chair), Randa L. Shehab, Suleyman Karabuk, Teri J. Murphy, Robert A. Terry. PDF (3.3m) | Defense (ppt, 460k)

Stone, A. 2006. A Psychometric Analysis of the Statistics Concept Inventory. Department of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma. Committee: Teri Jo Murphy (chair), Marilyn Breen, Kevin Grasse, Curtis McKnight, Robert Terry. PDF (2.5m)


Allen, K. 2007. Getting More From Your Data: Application Of Item Response Theory To The Statistics Concept Inventory. 2007 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. Paper (pdf, 189k) | Presentation (ppt, 62k)

Allen, K., T. Reed-Rhoads, and R. Terry. 2006. Misconception or Misunderstanding? Assessing Student Confidence of Introductory Statistics Concepts. Proceedings of the 36th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference. Session S2E. Paper (PDF, 187k) | Presentation (ppt, 303k)

Allen, K., A. Stone, T.R. Rhoads, and T.J. Murphy. 2004. The Statistics Concept Inventory: Developing a Valid and Reliable Instrument. Proceedings of the 2004 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition. Session 3230. PDF (187k)

Stone, A., K. Allen, T.R. Rhoads, T.J. Murphy, R.L. Shehab, and C. Saha. 2003. The Statistics Concept Inventory: A Pilot Study. Proceedings of the 33rd ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference. Session T3D-6. PDF (48k)

Evans, D.L., G.L. Gray, S. Krause, J. Martin, C. Midkiff, B.M. Notaros, M. Pavelich, D. Rancour, T.R. Rhoads, P. Steif, R.A. Streveler, and K. Wage. 2003. Progress On Concept Inventory Assessment Tools. Proceedings of the 33rd ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, Session T4G-8. PDF (51k)

Presentations and Posters

Reed-Rhoads, T., T.J. Murphy, K. Allen, A. Stone, R. Terry. 2006. The Statistics Concept Inventory (DUE-0206977). Poster presented at NSF Drury University Conference, Assessment of Student Achievement division; October 19-21, 2006. ppt (1.1m)

Allen, K., A. Stone, and T. Reed-Rhoads. 2006. Concept Inventories: A Borderless Opportunity. Poster presented at 2006 ASEE Global Colloquium, Rio de Janeiro; October 10, 2006. ppt (519k) | PDF (101k)

Allen, K., and R. Terry. 2005. The Statistics Concept Inventory. Presentated at weekly graduate student seminar in Department of Psychology, The University of Oklahoma; October 28, 2005. ppt (1.2m)

Allen, K., A.D. Stone, M. Cohenour, T.R. Rhoads, T.J. Murphy, and R.A. Terry. 2005. The Statistics Concept Inventory: A Tool for Measuring Learning in Introductory Statistics. Poster session at Joint Statistical Meetings, Minneapolis. Poster (ppt, 203k) | Abstract (doc, 25k)

Rhoads, T.R., T.J. Murphy, R. Terry, K. Allen, A. Stone, M. Cohenour. 2005. The Statistics Concept Inventory (SCI). NSF Principal Investigators Meeting; February 16-18, 2005. Poster (ppt, 202k) | Abstract (doc, 26k)

Rhoads, T.R., T.J. Murphy, R. Terry, K. Allen, A. Stone, M. Cohenour. 2004. The Statistics Concept Inventory (SCI). ARTIST Roundtable Conference, Appelton, WI; August 2, 2004. Presentation (ppt, 300k) | One-page summary (doc, 30k) | Paragraph (doc, 25k)

Allen, K. 2003. Explaining Cronbach's Alpha. Presented to other concept inventory developers during 2003 FIE conference. ppt (121k)