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How to Participate

Using the SCI in your class

The Test

The SCI has 38 questions in four sub-tests: Probability (9 questions), Descriptive Statistics (11), Inferential Statistics (11), and Graphical Interpretation (7). Your students can take any or all sub-tests, as your suited to your curriculum. For example, some introductory engineering (non-statistics) courses utilize only Descriptive and Graphical sub-tests because those topics are considered most relevant.

Online vs. Paper

Most courses participate online at this point. This streamlines data collection and ensures that students across the country are seeing the test in the same format. Data can be provided in either Access or Excel format. If a controlled environment is desired, the test can be time-locked to require your class to participate during a specified time; some professors reserve lab time so that all students take the test simultaneously.

If a paper administration is preferred, a document can be provided.

Research Data

The Statistics Concept Inventory is an ongoing research project. With four years' documented development, the test is certainly usable as a classroom instrument. However, we won't be satisfied until we know everything about how students learn and understand statistics. Therefore, we need your data.

We kindly ask that you respect the human subjects protocol by including the Informed Consent Form if you administer the test on paper to your students.


Email Teri Reed-Rhoads to initiate the process.

Please give a little detail of what type of course you teach, how you heard about the SCI, how you plan to use the results, etc. Enhancing communication among engineering educators is a rewarding peripheral outcome of this project.