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Lab and Facilities

The research is carried out in the DSSL (Dynamic Systems and Stability Lab) in Rm. 2046, ME Bldg, and in two AFM Labs and the DAMN lab (Dynamic analysis of micro- and nanosystems) at the Birck Nanotechnology Center. Here is a list of key equipment we use in these labs.


A unique combined spinning disk confocal-bioAFM system in Birck is our workhorse for AFM no biological samples. By fluorescent taggin living cells, we can observe the deformation field of a living cell during AFM indentation- this ability opens up many itneresting studies in cellular nanomechanics.


Our workhorse, high resolution AFM system is the Asylum Cypher which allows the use of ultrasmall cantilevers and is easily capable of acquiring atomic resolution images at liquid solid interfaces.



All our MEMS/NEMs work as well as characterization of AFM microcantilevers is performed on the MSA scanning laser doppler vibrometry system.