Purdue Fall Space Day

Purdue Space Day Volunteer Job Descriptions

Activity Head 

The purpose of this job is to be in charge of one of the nine activities that the grade school students will be participating in on Purdue Space Day and to organize and train the volunteer activity crew to run it.   

Age Ranges of Activities

The grade school students are split into the following age rages:

Activity Head Job Description

Activity Requirements - Each activity should have the following:

Activity Head General Information



On the Day

Activity Crew

Group Leaders (GL)

Age Ranges of Groups

Grades 3-8 benefit most from the program with the grades split into the following age rages:

GL Job Description and General Information

Restroom Stops

Lost Property


Home Rooms

No Show Form

Contact with Parents 

GL Contact Details

Welcome Bags

PSD kid’s t-shirts

Mission Control

Clip Boards


VIP Presentation ELLT (9:30am – 10:30am)

Activity Sessions

VIP autograph

Inclement Weather


Agenda for Group Leader 2014

Activity Session 1


Return from Lunch

Activity Session 2

Activity Session 3 and Evaluations

Return to the Armstrong statue for group photos

Group Photos with Astronauts


After event party

Food Liaison

Activity Crew


Booklets and Bags

Mission Control

For Any Further information Please contact a member of the PSD Executive Board: