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Registration for Purdue Space Day 2019 is

September 1st through September 6th!


This year participants will be selected by a random lottery held on September 7, 2019. 

Registration will open on September 1st and close at 11:59 pm on September 6th.  All children registered during this window will be entered into the lottery drawing.  There is no advantage to registering first thing on September 1st.  Registering through the online form does not mean that your child will be able to attend Purdue Space Day; it places them into a lottery which will then select the participants. You will be notified of your child's selection for Purdue Space Day or their position on the waitlist on Monday, September 9th.

The registration form will allow you to register up to three (3) children at once.  If you need to register more than three children, please complete another registraion form. Multiple children will be considered spearately unless you choose the "All or None" option.  If you choose the all-or-none option and any of your children cannot be placed, then none will be selected and they will NOT be placed on the waitlists.


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