Purdue Fall Space Day

Activities for Grades 5 and 6

Satellite Launch: Activity Head: Matt Gripe and Kathryn May
Teams of students are challenged to successfully deploy a satellite (balloon) using the most efficient method possible. Teamwork is essential and your team is given a budget to purchase materials and must achieve the specified altitude without sacrificing any materials. You will also learn that space-based engineering is difficult and have to overcome many obstacles that will try to prevent the teams from completing your task.

Star Lab: Activity Heads: Niranjan Parab and Christina Rash
You are part of a crew of astronauts whose vehicle came back to Earth, but landed somewhere other than the designated landing site. You need to use the stars to find your way to a safe base. Today you will learn how to find the Big Dipper/north and how to use a planisphere. Students will learn the basic principles of astronomy by observing the night sky. An indoor, inflatable Star lab will provide a life-like simulation of the night sky.

Stomp Rockets: Activity Head: Siwei Fan
Students will learn the fundamental principles of rocket propulsion by designing, constructing and testing their own rocket. After the build session, the students will test their rocket design by launching their rocket with a stomp rocket launcher. Following the rocket’s flight, students can rethink their rocket designs, modify them, and fly them again to determine if their changes have affected the rockets performance. If the rocket is well-designed and constructed, flights of more than 100 meters are possible!