Purdue Fall Space Day

Activities for Grades 3 and 4

Life in Space: Activity Head: Andew Cox and Ashwati Das
Have you ever wondered how astronauts can survive in space? This activity will teach about the environment and dangers of space, and how space suits protect astronauts. Along with the space suit lessons and demonstrations, each student will get to make their own astronaut helmet to take home!

Egg Drop: Activity Heads: Arjun Jayaraj, Caroline Kelemen, and Nathan Wilkins
The Egg Drop descent stage activity will consist of teams that will make a spacecraft out of a choice of materials, using eggs to represent astronauts. The device must safely land the astronaut. The “spacecraft and eggstronaut” will be dropped from a 3rd floor window, and it is your task to design the lander so that the “eggstronaut” survives!

Straw Rockets: Activity Head: Alex Dukes
This rocket activity will concentrate on the ideas behind space propulsion. In order to explore these concepts, students will get a chance to design and test their very own rocket design. In the first portion of the activity you will construct a straw rocket to be launched using air pressure, and in the second portion you will launch it! You can then show all your friends that you are a true rocket scientist!