Purdue Fall Space Day

Past Space Days


Director: Cindy Mahler

The first Fall Space Day took place on November 9th, 1996. The goal of this program was to share the excitement of space exploration with the next generation of space explorers. In this inaugural year approximately 150 elementary and high school students participated as well as about 40 volunteers from the Purdue community. FSD was also very fortunate to have two Purdue alumnus astronauts Greg Harbaugh and Don Williams who participated in this program.


Director: Cindy Mahler

On November 1st, 1997 the three organizations of SEDS; AIAA and PESC renewed their commitments to educational outreach by sponsoring the second annual Fall Space Day. This time around, it was decided to concentrate efforts on elementary and middle school students, but at the same time increased our enrollment to 200 students. This year Purdue alumnus and astronaut Greg Harbaugh talked about his experiences in space, which include repairing the Hubble Space Telescope and


Directors: Michael Burke and Sherri Spreadbury

November 14th, 1998 marked the day for Fall Space Day 1998. Astronaut and Purdue Alumnus, Col. Mark N. Brown, spoke to the students this year. A new feature was added for the students this year. "Mission Control" made its way into FSD's schedule. Here, the students were given positions in Mission Control and they read scripts for a short mission on the shuttle. Students were also crew members on the shuttle. During their mission, the students encountered a problem on the shuttle where they had to work together as a team to solve the problem. FSD '98 turned out to be a great success!


Director: Sherri Spreadbury

November 13, 1999 was the date for the 4th annual Fall Space Day with Col. Guy Gardner as the VIP guest astronaut.


Director: Nick Saddah

Astronaut Dr. Janice Voss was the guest VIP for the 5th annual Fall Space Day held on the Purdue University Campus on Saturday November 11, 2000. Dr. Voss started the day with a presentation of "Highlights of STS-99" This mission took place in February 2000 and gathered the most comprehensive 3-D map of the Earth's surface to date. 220 students in grades 3-8 registered for this year's event. The theme for this year was Shoot for the Moon - If you miss you will still be among the stars; This year the students had the opportunity to try the following activities: grades 3-5 Film Canister Rockets; Water Rockets; Edible Space Station; grades 6-8 tried out; Dart Trajectory; Egg Drop; Marble Wing. FSD 2000 was a great success, thank you to Janice Voss for her time and willingness to share her experiences with both younger and older students.


Director: Mitch Epstein

The 6th annual Fall Space Day was held on Saturday November 10, 2001 on a sunny but chilly day. VIP astronaut Col Loren J. Shriver was kind enough to spend the entire weekend on campus and took part in all the activities. 250 students in grades 3-8 were registered for the day and came from the surrounding area. Purdue President Martin C. Jischke also took part for the first time and introduced Col. Shriver who shared the story of the "Space Station Construction and Space Shuttle Assembly" with the audience. This year's theme was "Mission to Mars" with all the activities relating to this theme. The students in grades 3-5 had the opportunity to try the following activities: Mars Rockets; Edible Mars Habitat; Rover Construction Lab using Lego's and K'Nex. The students in grades 6-8 tried: Satellite launch, Decent Stage and Mars Rover Ops. Four new activities were introduced this year which were fun to try out. A great day was had by all.