Special thanks to Ron & Sandi Haddock

We would like to thank Ron & Sandi Haddock for hosting the 2nd Annual Haddock Event in Dallas, Texas.

We would like to extend an enormous thank you to Ron and Sandi Haddock, who graciously hosted our 14 Co-Operative Education and GEARE students this June for an amazing evening at their home in Dallas, Texas. This was the second annual Haddock Event, the inaugural one being in June 2012.

Ron spoke fondly of his time at Purdue and his experience in the Co-Op program. He credits the Co-Op program for being able to complete his degree at Purdue and starting him on his career path. He shared with the group how important the
Co-Op program is in today's economy to develop appropriate skills and how it helped him get to where he is today. He also emphasized the importance of including international activities in the students' educational experience to prepare them for working effectively in the global economy. It is fair to say that each and every student was inspired by his candor and friendship.

Ron and Sandi's benevolence and hospitality is much appreciated. The influence of this event on the students' motivation as they pursue their dreams is significant. We greatly appreciate everything Ron and Sandi do for Purdue and the Office of Professional Practice.